We are looking for new enthusiastic people to join our team! You must be a hardworking team player and up for a good time! All job roles are voluntary. 

In addition to the specifics tasks outlined below, ALL committee members jointly run National Student Pride and will all be involved in the overall event. You may find yourself helping other teams and being delegated tasks. We also encourage you to run your own projects, so come with plenty of ideas.

Working with National Student Pride is a great way to give back to the hugely diverse LGBT+ community, but it is also a great chance to grow your skill set and experience in your career field. Our alumni of volunteers have been able to use their time with us to show to employers how valuable they are. Student Pride work has lead many of our volunteers directly to a job with the portfolio and experience they have gained with us. 

London or surrounding areas are beneficial for regular meetings however other locations with be considered. Additional help is always appreciated in co-ordinating trips to student pride from particular regions. The team is made up of students and graduates.

Benefits of volunteering for Student Pride:

Our former Graphic Designer Rachel Bayly got her job at BBC Good Food with the help of her Student Pride work after graduating from University College of the Creative Arts. “Being the graphic designer for National Student Pride was a great experience and enabled me to get my work published in national magazines and newspapers”

Eve Hartley, Social Media for NSP, joined in 2013 and has already landed a job at the Independent newspaper. “I find I can talk for hours about all the amazing things I have achieved here. The Independent were especially impressed that I worked with Evan Davis, amongst other highly successful and respected journalists at Student Pride.”

Job roles that are open

Graphic Designer: will be responsible for all of the promotional branding for the event. This includes adverts and web banners for our magazine and newspapers, posters and flyers distributed to universities and colleges across the UK. You’ll also work on stage branding, event signage, media packs, VIP invitations and sponsorship packs.

- Excellent understanding of graphic design software. Indesign skills essential, Photoshop & illustrator beneficial.
- Previous Experience of design, whether paid or un-paid
- A vision for Student Pride’s visuals, that fit within our current brand guidelines

Media Officer: will be responsible for the press side of the event. This includes writing articles to tight deadlines, dealing with press teams from other organisations, working under pressure to meet the said deadlines, you must be able to react to quick changes. 

Social Media Officer: will be responsible for our social media channels (facebook, twitter and Instagram). Making sure we are in regular contact with Students and Graduates alike is very important for our outreach.  

Secretary: will be responsible for creating agendas for the weekly meetings, taking notes in the meeting as well as distributing the minutes after. Organising our socials is also a great responsibility for the secretary.

Student Liaison: will be responsible for contacting universities, colleges and schools letting them know about the event.  This will include having access to social media to contact societies, and having quick response times to emails. Forming great relationships with these places will allow our bond to stay strong!

Events: will be responsible for taking control of a specific area of the event, for example taking control of our GAY Late night and making sure it runs smoothly. 

Treasurer: will be responsible for taking control of our accounts and paying of expenses to other committee members. Please note that due to the large amounts of money you will handle, previous accounting/finance experience would be beneficial to the post but not necessary. 



Recruitment Information

Interviews will be held over Skype or in person in central London by either or both co-chairs. They will last no more than 1 hour.

There is no set deadline for any positions, we have ongoing recruitment, and will keep this open until the postiions are filled. Get your application in to early to improve your chances as once a position is filled it will be removed. 

If you wish to get anymore information on the roles, please contact either chair. 

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