A Message from National Student Pride:


Thanks for registering your interest. We can't wait to see you this Saturday. 

Here are some FAQs we've been asked.

As many of you have booked in large LGBT groups, we wanted to let you know how to guarantee your spot to walk with us. We've slightly overbooked, as we've had our allocation increased slightly and like with planes, we're compensating for some last minute drop outs.

With that in mind, we'll be prioritising our wristbands in this order:

  1. People in Pink Tshirts with Event Brite
  2. People in Pink Tshirts
  3. People with Eventbrite tickets
  4. Everyone else

See wearing pink below for ideas.

Because of security reasons, and giving out wristbands on the day, if you have booked in a large group - please email us press@studentpride.co.uk with all the names of those you are expecting if you have ordered more than one ticket so we have a full list for the day. (Some of you have already)

We'll be at The University of Westminster from 10:15, giving out Wristbands from 10:30. So aim to get there at 10:20 to be sure you get yours.

Then we'll walk together the short distance to our space in the parade for our 11am set up. We are in SECTION D (Between UAL and XXL) if you miss us at Westminster. But our advice? Don't miss us. We'' be leaving Westminster at 10:45 sharp and won't be waiting for stragglers. 

It looks like the weather will be warm, and although perhaps not Sunny hopefully dry. So we want your top layer to be PINK! T-shirts, Hoodies, Tops - (Ponchos), we'd like you to buy something to wear on the day. Here are some inexpensive places to get some pink tops:

We pay on your behalf to walk in the parade, so though we will have some props for you, this is the one little thing we'll ask you to buy yourself!

Once you are in the parade, it is next to impossible to get out and back in again (though there are exit points - if you do need to leave and we're on hand to help with that) So bring food, drink, suntan lotion, pink umbrellas, and enough everything to last you until roughly 3-4pm when we'll reach the end of the parade. Make sure you pee too ;)

Yes please bring banners, but remember we are non-partisan and we'll be giving out lots of placards on the day too. If you're worried about whether what yours says might not quite fit, pop us an email. LGBT+ Soc banners are more than welcome, we pay for our space in the parade because we know lots of societies can't afford the cost.

National Student Pride committee members will be in pink jeans and Student Pride T-Shirts. Say hello. We'll be checking our DM's on Twitter a little if you need to contact us, but the 4G gets a little sucked dry during Pride with all the people out on the streets. Keep a copy of this saved on your phone.


The past fortnight has been the most difficult in recent memory for the LGBT+ community the world over. In the face of adversity we have pulled together in extraordinary fashion, with beautiful, affirming vigils and events taking place across the UK.

Our mission with National Student Pride has always been to provide a safe and welcoming event for young people of all backgrounds, to provide a forum for important and reasoned discussion on vital topics relevant to our community and to provide as much opportunity as possible for all of us to live our lives freely, happily and to our potential.

With that in mind we are thrilled to be forming a large group in next weekend's Pride in London parade. The importance of showing our pride, strength and togetherness to the world is greater than ever.

And what are we planning? Well, this year our group will be led by 8 'Pride-bearers', holding aloft balloon structures spelling out 'LOVE WINS'. We have flags, banners, whistles, confetti cannons and a lot of pink. There will be over 200 people walking as we intend to bring a great amount of fun to the procession.

We'll also be shooting a confetti powered video stunt, so bring your chanting voices.


The Met Police have penned an open letter. They've as always urged us to be vigilant but they have no reason to believe there is a security threat to London Pride.

Read the full open letter here.


There are a couple of spaces left, but hurry and bear in mind our priority list. Register here.

National Student Pride's London Pride Walking Group

Saturday, 25 June 2016 from 10:30 to 16:00 (BST)

University of Westminster, Marylebone Campus
35 Marylebone Road
NW1 5LS London
United Kingdom

Organised by National Student Pride