Olly Alexander, frontman of Years & Years, discussed his awful Sex Education in school and the fact that he was taught Sex Ed by a teacher who was a virgin, with no experience to even rely on in the class.

He also told the tale of his first love. Explaining it happened when he was 14/15 and fooling around with a straight male friend of his. Olly made the heartbreaking confession that he thought the straight male was in love with him. Adding that with hindsight, he felt like he was taken advantage of.

He spoke at National Student Pride 2017 at the University of Westminster on 25th February on the Attitude #LetsTalkAboutSex and Relationships Education Panel.




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“Gay people didn’t exist… I had no idea how gay people had sex.”

“My first encounter of [gay sex] that was Queer as Folk. There’s literally a scene where they’re spitting on the hand and I was like, what’s going on!?”

“I fell in love with a guy that was the year above me in school… He was straight. I think lots of straight guys experiment with guys in school but that doesn’t make them gay.”
“I thought he was in love with me but for whatever reason, nothing ever came of it. But we used to fool around and that was when I was probably about 14 or 15.”

“I had a couple of experiences with older guys too that looking back on, I realise I was taken advantage of. But at the time was desperate for the attention, the relationship. I was desperate for education.”

In the video Olly describes when he first saw gay sex, in a scene from Queer as folk. Mimicking the spitting on hand and sticking it where the lube was needed.

On the panel he was quite clear, his sex education was not good enough. He described what he was told about gay sex was dirty and hidden away.

Listen to the full panel


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National Student Pride is being platinum-sponsored in 2017 by EY for the seventh consecutive year. Maggie Stilwell, Managing Partner for Talent at EY, UK & Ireland, comments: “EY are proud to be the Platinum sponsor for National Student Pride 2017, a partnership we have built and maintained for the last seven years. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is unerring and the event allows us to connect with young LGBT talent in an environment of respect and opportunity. It’s important for us to show the next generation that they will be able to be themselves in the workplace. Last year thousands of the students from across the UK attended the event and we are excited to meet even more in February at the Careers Fair. We look forward to the whole weekend festival of events, including the ever popular series of discussions.”

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The event began at Oxford Brookes University in 2005 as a response to the Christian Union’s ‘Homosexuality and the Bible’ talk. Student Pride continues this mantra in its 12th year choosing to hold its 2017 event at on campus because the fight Students face remains just as prevalent, if not more complex, than when we first began.


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