This year, London Pride's theme is #LoveHappensHere.

On the reason for their choice, Pride in London explained that

"It has taken our community many years to secure legal equality for the whole community, and there is still work to do. Same-sex couples in Northern Ireland still don’t have the same rights as the rest of the UK, and it is because of Britain's historical role in the world that anti-LGBT+ laws exist throughout the commonwealth.

As we continue to battle discrimination at home and abroad, London will send a defiant message to those who wish the LGBT+ community harm. We will take a defiant stand against hate, but also importantly, celebrate who we are."

... And so we want to do exactly that!

Last year, National Student Pride took to the streets with huge balloons that spelt out the all important message LOVE WINS. And this year, we want to showcase everyone's beautiful faces in love! We're asking people to this year, bring along banners/signs of love. Tell us where your girlfriend proposed, show us a picture of you and your boyfriend's cute holiday to France - It doesn't even have to be romantic! Print off a huge picture of you and your bestie on holiday!

What we're also asking is that people submit their best (and most HQ) pictures to us, and we want to make a huge banner of everyone's pictures to show off. Just like Pride in London said, we want to celebrate who we are.

Submit your pictures into By submitting them, you give us permission to use them.

So what are you waiting for? Look through your iPhone, trawl through all those old Facebook albums. We know you've got some cute as hell pictures somewhere.

National Student Pride, London Pride 2016

National Student Pride, London Pride 2016