Keeping the conversation alive all year, the National Student Pride podcast interviews past speakers and #StudentPride supporters


"I'm One Bullet Away From Being A Hashtag" - Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi joins us this month to reflect on racism in the LGBT community, his new #BlackLivesMatter tattoo, and PrEP. He also teases us about a new project that he 'can thank Caitlyn Jenner for'

After Bisi Alimi joined us at National Student Pride in 2016, we were so keen to get him back. At the event, he talked about the high levels of racism he faced, even within the LGBT community. In this show he explains how not much has changed, but also talks about his other campaigning passion, HIV.



How to be gay and happy - breaking the 'Straight Jacket'

We speak to the author of new book 'Straight Jacket' Matthew Todd, as he discusses how to be gay and happy, his 8-year tenure as editor of Attitude magazine and why media ownership is having an effect on activism.

Matthew Todd has chaired panels at National Student Pride for years and has been the fantastic supporter. His new book Straight Jacket has been a long time in the making and is an incredible read. You can buy the book here:




What is it like to transition, and deal with daily transphobia?

One of the young champions of the trans movement in the UK has urged students to vote to remain in the EU or face Boris Johnson as prime minister.
Charlie Craggs said if Britain voted to leave the European Union: ‘Marginalized people will feel it the most.’

Craggs came to prominence because of her Nail Transphobia campaign. She travels the UK with her pop up nail salon and strangers can come and get their nails done for free – all to promote trans rights in a ‘fabulous’ way.

Craggs was speaking on the first of a new podcast series which will be produced monthly by Student Pride and supported by Gay Star News.

In the podcast she also talked about transphobia – something one of the interviewers, Student Pride co-chair Hatti Smart witnessed for herself immediately afterwards when she travelled with Craggs on London Underground.

 ‘One stop on the Tube was all it took to see the blatant transphobia that people like Charlie must experience on a day to day basis, going about their everyday lives. I am so proud of Charlie for just being her completely wonderful, bubbly self while a group of grown men stared, sniggered and even laughed as she got off at her stop. And what disgusted me more than anything is that no one called this out.’

Charlie joined Student Prides 2016 panels on mental health and coming out. In the show she reflected on her words at our event, orlando the EU referendum and transitioning.