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Our social media audience, is engaged and has been organically built. In the build up to our event every year, our posts far surpass the likes and followers with a reach most brand pages would envy.

We currently offer the opportunity to all LGBT+ Societies to submit suggested Facebook and Twitter posts for our channels to help promote your events or campaigns. This form is also for any other partners or friends of NSP directed to this page by a member of the NSP team.



The best posts are 20-40 words always with a link, media or picture. If it's an event you're promoting - a Facebook event link works best here. Be clever about what you write, people react most to a positive sentiment.



WE LOVE GIFS on our Twitter. Include a link (worth 22 characters) and picture and definetly include hashtags and handles - however we only use up to three 'blue' links so bear this in mind.



Not A LGBT Society?

This service is free to LGBT+ societies, and any other partners directed to this page by a member of the NSP team, to post suggestions to. 

 If that's not you, and you still want to engage with our audience - perhaps you are a business, have a service you want to promote or something to sell?
You may want to consider one of our tailored sponsorship packages (that start as small as one tweet) that include social media posts, podcast in-reads and much more. Head here to speak to our sponsorship team.

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Which Date Do We Need To Post By Ideally?
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Suggestions to get your post accepted

  • Include direct hyperlinks to .jpg or .png files for pictures
  • Read the style guide above and do your best to fit into it
  • Submit suggested posts at least a week before your event

Terms and Conditions

  • All posts are subject to change to fit into the National Student Pride house style
  • All submissions are suggestions, no posts are guaranteed
  • Because of the number of requests we receive we are unable to offer communication or feedback about when you can expect to see your post
  • Please be patient, we schedule our social media regularly
  • Posts will only be accepted by LGBT Societies, or by those instructed to use this form - if this is not you please contact our sponsorship manager 
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