National Student Pride are delighted to announce that Katya Zamolodchikova, shining star of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7, is coming to National Student Pride 2017, and she wants you!

Following on from Alaska’s Lip Sync Battle in 2016, Katya will be hosting and judging a talent extravaganza. Who better to cast their eye over the flair and aptitude of the best UK LGBT+ students have to offer than the first lady of Russia. Guests can expect a performance from the queen herself, also.

So here’s the gig - got a talent and want to show Katya? Then fill out the application form below and apply for the opportunity to be in breathing distance of the lady herself.

For everyone else, scroll down to get your tickets for the chance to see this extravaganza unfurl!

Want more details about the event? Visit the 2017 tab, or email for the latest version of our full press release

How the show will run

  • Each performer has 1:30 to present their chosen talent

  • 3 judges including Katya will have a buzzer to press when they want an act to go through

  • Katya will open the show with a stunning gymnastic

  • Up to 9 acts will be chosen to perform from those who apply

  • The final will consist of 3 acts and the judges have to state their case for why their choice should win

  • Audience picks the winner


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