National Student Pride is partnering with Terrence Higgins Trust ahead of Valentine’s Day to end the silence on Sex and Relationships Education. We think it’s a match made in heaven.

In January, MPs missed a vital opportunity to introduce compulsory SRE as part of the Children and Social Work Bill.  

But there’s still time - despite recent attempts from the left and the right, bills are going through Parliament as we speak, and another amendment has been proposed to make SRE compulsory.  It could represent an end to the silence that has left so many young peopleat risk of poor sexual and mental health. But only if enough MPs vote for it.

This February, we’re calling on LGBT students to join Terrence Higgins Trust’s campaign to flood MPs with Valentine’s Day cards, in a bid to get their support for compulsory Sex and Relationships Education.

Why are we doing this on Valentine’s Day? Because modern relationships aren’t simple about red hearts and candlelit dinners. 

Young people are saturated with impossible ideals about romance, but because of poor or non-existent Sex and Relationships Education, they are completely unprepared for the realities of sex and relationships in 2017.  

In fact, 95% of young people were not taught about LGBT relationships, and 75% were not taught about consent, according to Terrence Higgins Trust’s recent report ‘Shh… No Talking’.

This Valentine’s Day, send a card that means something – ask your MP (or Justine Greening the Education Secretary) to back mandatory SRE in all schools.

And, BTW - make that card beautiful. Nothing says we need Sex and Relationships education like a TONNE of glitter.

We can’t miss any more chances. Together we can end the silence on SRE .


Ways to get involved

Come along to our London card making workshop:

It's being held at UCL on Wednesday the 8th at 6:30pm and we invite all to join us, not just students - anyone who wants the next generation to have the sex and relationships education they deserve.

Click attending on the Facebook event, and hey. THEN INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!

Glitter, Marker Pens and NUS, THT and Student Pride reps will be on hand to help you write, decorate and personalise your cards!

Hold your own workshop

Not everyone lives in London. That's why we've partnered with the amazing NUS LGBT+ peeps to hold workshops ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. 

Are you holding one? Head to this facebook event, and post the details.

Do you want to hold one? It's not too late to get the materials you need (also available here)! Contact NUS LGBT+ officer Melantha Chittenden now who can email you print outs and advice!

Send a card online

All else fails, send a card online OR tweet your MP with the message. 

Find out how, why and when to do this here.


Cos you're a BAE. Let us know what you've done on twitter, and we'll tell the whole world how much of a BAE you are.