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We commission young LGBT+ students, graduates and emerging producers to tell their most #QueerAF stories. Listen for free every week to hear empowering episodes about mental health, body positivity, sex, being beyond the binary, arts and culture and more.

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Download and take the best UK lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer story podcast with you, as featured in the Spotify Digital Pride collection and Apple Podcast's Pride collection. The show is hosted by Jamie Wareham, a former Student Pride volunteer and Director of Communications, now a mentor.

#QueerAF was nominated for a British Podcast Award 2019.

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If you have a story that goes beyond binaries, champions intersectionality, is about gender, access, romantic orientation, sex positivity. or is something our community needs to hear, get in touch.

We’re looking for empowering LGBT+ stories to tell in season 4 of our podcast and we have budget to commission 20-minute episodes from students, recent graduates and LGBT+ producers and reporters.

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We’ve put together a few collections of our favourite episodes for you to enjoy.

Sex and dating

Mental health

Beyond the binary

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