What is National Student Pride?

We are an annual event held in February (the UK's LGBT History Month). Hosted at the University of Westmisnter for the last five years.

Across three days, over 1700 students from 170 global universities attend in person and thousands join our digitally streamed panels live for a weekend of discussion aimed at empowering young LGBT people feel comfortable in their identity.

Students from across the UK, and around the world travel to our event which brings all LGBT students together. 

Mixing parties, debates, cinema screening, a graduate recruitment fair, exhibitions and workshops our event is the largest culmination of LGBT student and graduate talent in the UK.

Who are we?

Everything National Student Pride does is about opening doors to students, graduates and those with voices who are otherwise lost in a vibrant but expansive LGBT+ community.

Long before anyone else, our event has captured the extensively celebrated and courageous spirit of the student community. By tackling homophobia in sport, mental health and being trans, we are unafraid to challenge taboo first.

Proud to be fueled by substance, for many we are the first Pride - and one we want to be safe. We’ve been Named Best LGBT Event of the year, have the largest LGBT+ careers fair - free at the point of entry and are internationally recognised as an agenda-setting event. We have time and again proven that we are ahead of the curve, breaking taboos and empowering young minds.

As a non-profit all proceeds go back into keeping the event as accessible as possible. Not only free to attend in person, but with extensive media coverage you can take part from wherever you are, truly digital - and all in the hands of students.

Our annual event

Held in London since 2014 the three day spectacle celebrates our mission to be the pride of conversation. It is centered around a daytime festival free at the point of entry with panels, the largest free LGBT job fair, a performance stage and so much more. This is the centrepiece of a whole weekend of club nights, parties, cinema screenings and events spread across three days held every year during LGBT History Month in Feburary.

Our mission:

  • To provide a platform for debate, discussion and conversation

  • To be a networked community, linking students, graduates, and LGBT+ friendly employers

  • To propel the next generation of voices, activists and minds where they can be heard and celebrated

  • To promote an atmosphere of tolerance, opportunity and innovation by allowing room for debate and discussion.

  • To be a safe space to allow for growth in confidence, socialising and education


In 2018 National Student Pride has been running for 13 years. Now hosted in London, over the years we have travelled the nation from a humble beginning. It was formed in response to an extremist group seeking to impose their bigoted beliefs on campus in Oxford.

We are the pride of conversation and one of few safe spaces for the LGBT community to discuss issues close to it’s heart and taboos we know we should be talking about.

Our first event at Oxford Brookes University in 2005 as a response to the Christian Union’s ‘Homosexuality and the Bible’ talk.The talk was by a trainee vicar with the Christian Union and was ill-informed, bigoted and homophobic. In response, National Student Pride was set up to create a fair debate that included progressive voices such as a vicar and a rabbi who spoke on how being gay and religion really sat.  The Christian Union’s event portrayed anyone lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender as born immoral and deficient – Student Pride, however, believes faith and sexuality can sit side by side to fight discrimination and prejudice together.

Student Pride continues this mantra into this day hosting our event at the University of Westminster. We bring conversations to campus, to challenge bigoted views and inspire community cohesion.

National Student Pride has grown exponentially since we begun and especially since moving to London. In previous years the event has moved around the country and been held in Oxford, Manchester, and spent many great years by the sea in Brighton.

Noteable successes

Every year our multitude of focuses drive social action campaigns. 

  • Our campaign with the NUS LGBT and THT fed into over three years of activism that led to the Government making sex and relationships education compulsory in 2017. Our main focus this year was on calling for the Government to make the change, which they did four days after our event

  • Our focus on LGBT representation in the media led to the announcement of the first trans actor, to play a trans storyline on a mainstream British soap. In 2016 Easterners producer Dominic Treadwell Collins announced there would be a trans storyline, played by a trans actor

  • During the 2015 general election year, we held the first LGBT hustings where the Lib Dems became the first party to announce backing the Turing Law which came alongside a massive voter registration campaign.

  • We have received a number of awards and nominations including the British LGBT Award for Best Event. Recent nomination include the best LGBT charity or non-profit at the National Diversity Awards.